SEEBÄR est un Centurion produit en 1976, c’est le numéros 351, il est actuellement dans le port de Segler-Verein Stößensee à Berlin. Son Propriétaire est Gerhard Aalburg.

Voici un petit descriptif de SEEBÄR.

Details about our sailing yacht Seebär.


Our sailing yacht Seebär is a Centurion 32.

I ordered this yacht 1975 and bought it 1976 via Mr. Horst Caro.

The production-No is 351.

I am still the owner and use it for tours in North Sea and Baltic Sea.

The home port is Segler-Verein Stößensee in Berlin.

Beside normal equipment I only changed the Volvo engine into the engine

Beta Marine, BD 1005 with the Marine Reversing Gear TMC 60 and a Propeller

Flexofold 3-Fl. 13 l 2002. With engine all service can be done from the cabin.

Even the pad cloth is still original.

So far (40 years) there are 64,300 nm in the wake of this Centurion which means 3 times round the world at the equator.

With Seebär I went together with my family (wife, son and twin girls) many times to Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but also to Shetlands, Faeroe Islands and Iceland, along the Norwegian coast up to the North Cape.

1991 my son and his girlfriend (both 19 years old) sailed from Hamburg to Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores to the Algarve in Portugal ( >5000nm).

One year later I sailed the ship back with my wife via Madeira, Azores, Falmouth to Hamburg.

1998 – 2001 we sailed on the Mediterranean from Sete in France up to Antalya in Turkey

and back, passing almost all countries on the way.

On the way to the Mediterranean the Centurion was motored through Holland, Belgium and France ( C.de Nord, Oise, Seine (Paris), C. de Briare, Lateral à la Loire, Centre, Saone, Rhone) with about 250 locks. On the way back Seebär was motored on Rhone, Saone, Mosel and Rhein.

In 2006 Seebär was sailed to the Mediterranean from Holland, Belgium, France (Cherbourg), Chenal du Four, Raz de Sein, Les Sables d`Olonne, La Rochelle), Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar to Valencia in Spain. After attending 2007 Americas Cup Seebär was brought back via Balearen, Port St. Louis, and Paris to Berlin.

These were the most interesting trips with the Centurion Seebär.

We were honored by the German Sailing Association DSV with 3 Bronze-, 4 Silver-,

3 Gold-Medals and the highest awards for sea sailing: The Silver Sea Gull and the Commodore Award.

I hope that this brief summary shows you how happy and successful we are with this

Centurion 32. We still enjoy the formidable design, construction and quality of this yacht.

Our three grown-up children love sailing on Seebär as well but also on big

racing yachts crossing the Atlantic etc.

Sailing in Berlin
Inside the cabin