Cette espace est réservé à vos photos, n’hésitez pas à me les envoyer…

Pour commencer un grand merci à Mathieu Lefèvre photographe indépendant qui m’a permit et autoriser d’utiliser cette magnifique photo, prise dans le passage du Beniguet (entre Houat et Belle-Île). N’hésitez pas à regarder son site pour constater l’étendue de son talent. Merci



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  1. Bonjour,
    Je souhaiterais vous envoyer une photo pour agrémenter votre site.
    Comment dois je faire?
    D’autre part pour info, il semble qu’il y a deux bateaux avec le même numéro de série. Hors j’ai revérifier mon numéro sur l’acte de vente et c’est bien le 201.
    Pas bien grave, mais je vous en informe.
    patrick GOURDEN

  2. Bonsoir Patrick,
    pour les photos, il suffit de m’envoyer un mail à l’adresse suivante seb@centurion32.fr, je me charge ensuite de remplir la page concernant GAEDRIC I, vous pouvez mettre ce que vous voulez comme contenu, présentation, voyage, projet, travaux…la liste est longue. Pour pouvoir utiliser le forum, il faut créer un compte, c’est simple, sous la page d’accueil , il y’a “CONNEXION”, la première fois cliquez “inscription”, vous indiquez votre adresse mail, et vous recevrez un mail avec le code. Les fois suivantes,”CONNEXION”, votre code et c’est partie. Pour info, l’abonnement proposé au Blog, permet juste de recevoir un petit mail annonçant les nouveaux articles.
    Effectivement il y a un problème de N° sur le 201, le votre est bon, mais il se peut ( explication de David Merlot) qu”il y ai conflit de N° avec les voiliers exportés…j’enquête, affaire à suivre.
    Au plaisir de vous lire, toutes les remarques sont les bien venus, faisons vivre ce site…

  3. Hello/bonjour.
    Regarding #201

    I am the owner of this boat Pladda Too and my bill of sale also says 201 !

    Is there a mark on each boat to say the build number?


  4. I have 259 cipango..wauquier have a curious way of putting the prop shaft through the hull at an angle( great for reversing) but the p bracket is supported by a “sharks fin” in the interior of the hull which after 30 years of vibration leaks out of the top. Unlike you lucky b..ds in the north we med types cannot just lay alongside and dry out so how to fix a leak when afloat.
    I made the equivalent of a giant condon out of a motor cycle inner tube and slipped it over the sharks fin and held it with 2 jubilee clips. It works fine and i could now enclose it all in chopped mat paste.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  5. dont know about a mark but I have a plastic plate between the 2 winch handle holders in the cockpit just below the mainsheet slide showing mine as 259.
    Bill Carter

  6. dont know about a mark but I have a plastic plate between the 2 winch handle holders in the cockpit just below the mainsheet slide showing mine as 259.
    Bill Carter

  7. Morning Bill
    Thank uou for your response.
    It sounds to me if you have a post 1972 build with the traveller forward as opposed to centred in the cockpit- is that right? Certainly there is no mark in that lication on Pladda Too

  8. Absolutely Paul….as a matter of interest how is the P bracket of your propshaft supported on the inside..by a sort of shark’s fin?..does it leak?

    Where do you sail? I am based in Tunisia but sail to sicily when I have time.

  9. Hi Bill
    I saw your recent post about your tales of woe with regard to the p bracket and its internal structure. I forgot to check mine out last week when i was down on the boat, but from memory there us a shark fin like structure there, just in front of the anode fixings i was messing with a few weeks ago and certainly have no memory of any leaks.
    I will have another look at the weekend.
    Would photos help you out at all?by the wat i sail in NW Ireland.
    The best

  10. If you can get in there you are smaller and more athletic than me. One advantage of having an older boat here is labour is cheap and plentiful . I still need my ac at times even now. My condom seems to have cured the through boat leaks excepting the stuffing box which i can control with the greasing system.
    i am now looking for someone who has fitted a gennaker and how and what size was it?
    I have a friend in portrush so have vidited the top end of your island.
    reminds me of brittany

  11. Genneker eh? I fly both a symmetric and asymmetric on mine.

    Does your friend in Portrush own a Centurion 32 as I was up there earlier this year and saw one in the marina in Coleraine.

  12. No he’ s no sailor but a golfer/ hacker like me. No expert on gennakers..born in the age of spinnakers.dont really know the difference..any photos and recommendations and bow fittings

  13. Hello Centurion 32 Owners:

    My boat, Simply Super, is located in the British Columbia, Canada. She was originally sailed from the UK by Jillian Baty and partner, apparently the first crossing of the Atlantic by two women. I have done some extensive work on Simply which I have documented on the Yahoo web site. Simply has the traveller mid cockpit and does not have a saloon skylight so I assume she is an early 1972 model. Looking forward to sharing ideas and perhaps meeting some other owneres in the future.

    Regards, Brian

  14. My father owned ‘Fiasco of Ashton’ a pre-1972 Centurion. This boat was rather rare as she was built with Goiot Wheel Steering factory fitted…there were not many of these as it was an expensive ‘extra’! This boat had (possibly still has) a red hull and the UK sail number K382C . I would be really interested to hear if anyone has seen this boat in recent years. It would be good to find out what hull number she is and add her to La Flotte! Meanwhile I will continue to work on my Centurion ‘Mayfly’ and look forward to us all enjoying a good season under sail in 2018. Best wishes, Justin Wood (justinnawood@hotmail.com)

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