John nous pose des questions…

John nous pose des questions…

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    Hello les amis, voici un petit message de John WALSH, n’hésitez pas a lui répondre…

    “Good morning!! I was told that you are the expert with the centurion! I am look to purchase one and had a few questions. Are the decks cored with balsa or foam, some high moisture readings in the bow and around the shroud attachments? Do you need to disassemble the cabinetry and bunks to gain access to the chain plates for the rig, there looks to be a thin fiberglass liner that covers them? Do these boats have problems with the main bulkhead getting moisture or coming loose? It looks like it is only tabbed to the hull down low and not the hull sides or the deck? How do these boats sail in light air? I heard they are great in heavy air but slow in light air?Thank you very much for your time!!! I love the boat but not sure I want too much of a project. Thank you John


    Hello John, The centurion is a fantastic boat, of solid construction, which goes well in the wind and which is elegant. The habitability is comfortable for a couple, a bit tight for couple + children. In light weather with a large genoa it is not ridiculous. Where are you? Jérôme centurion 32 N ° 340


    Hello John, I join pictures of my today work in this area. For the moment,I found only laminate and no balsa. Stéphan

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